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Would you buy from your own shop?

We are all creatures of habit - we tend to repeat the same things day in and day out.

This applies to many things in life: from our early morning routines to many aspects of our professional life.

Lots of independent shop owners have spent many years of sweat and toil building up their shop image and gaining customers. However, I have noticed that a number of retail establishments look, shall we say 'tired'? Why is this?

Do the owner not bother anymore? Have they lost their sparkle, their joie de vivre? Many time I think the problem lies in our very busy lives. Shop owners are consumed by the day to day running of their business, handling staff issues, buying the right stock, sorting through mounds of paperwork, paying bills etc

Businessman working at a computer
Are business owners too consumed by work?

Maybe the shop owner is failing to see one very important thing:

How does your potential customer view your store?

It is essential that shop owners think about the process that goes through a customer's mind before they decide to come in and buy from their shop. One thing is for certain - it's not just price!! It is image, customer service, feel, desirability and warmth amongst other things.

In my experience shops that invest in making every part of their offering better on a continuing basis that win long-term. Your overall look has to be enticing - is everything completely clean and tidy, or is anything in disrepair? How does your window display look? Is the lighting highlighting the beautiful radiance of the diamonds on display? Are your displays not just clean, but enticing, contemporary and gorgeous in their own right? How about your flooring? is it lovely and clean, unmarked and welcoming?

Does your stock look so good that you would want to purchase it yourself?

Customers in a retail jeweller buying jewellery
Would you buy from your shop?

Most importantly in my view is how do your staff interact with customers? Do they make them feel welcome, at ease and comfortable? Do they view each customer as an individual, with the possibility of spending a lot of money in store? How much have you as the business owner invested in good staff - remember, people buy from people.

During my many years of travelling to hundreds of independent jewellers across the UK and beyond, I see many patterns of success - plus indications that things are going downhill.

Independent jewellers are in an almost unique position: if a customer loves your window display, loves your stock and most of all loves your service you will have a customer for life!

Once someone is happy with their jeweller, they come back and are loyal right up until you do something that upsets them. Keep the customer happy and you will have generations coming to your store and spending money.

So would you buy from your store?

If the answer is an honest and resounding 'YES' then you are certainly a step ahead of your competition.

If you think my experience could help you, please get in touch.

If you'd like to stock your shop with proven products from trusted companies - I can help!

I also am an independent sales agent in the UK selling for and Let me help you choose products that will engage with customers and help you boost profits.

Email me at or call me on 07500 931051

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