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Hi, my name is Ian McWilliams.

I have been involved in retail and sales for over thirty years, mainly
in the jewellery industry in the UK and beyond. Following management
stints at both  multiple and independent retail jewellers I moved into Field Sales
in the 1980's.
I've sold for various companies including South African  company
Sho-craft, to spending twenty one years in sales for British jewellery
manufacturer Domino.

In 2011  I set up Lone Wolf Sales Ltd,  selling directly to retail. I have sold for River Mounts Jewellery continuously, helping them grow to be a major player in the UK. I also have sold for various jewellery brands, including both start-ups and established players. All this has enabled me to see the many facets to sales both at B2B and B2C level and to understand what works and what doesn't.

A while ago I started posting a few pieces on LinkedIn, including some videos of myself, covering  some light-hearted and more serious topics. The  views and comments increased rapidly and I started getting enquiries from both inside and outside the jewellery industry. 

It then dawned on me that all my years in sales, visiting numerous retailers over a large part of the country and seeing what makes both retailers and companies successful - I could use that knowledge to advise others.

I have always been able to see things from both sides - from the companies selling products into retail and from retailers selling direct to the end consumer. What works? What doesn't and why? Now I feel is the time to put that knowledge to good use.

Contact me to find out if I could help you and your business get to where you want it to go.


2011- Present

Sales Agent

Rivermounts Jewellery Ltd

2011- Present

Sales Agent

Greenspark Ltd

1990 - 2011

Sales Executive


River Mounts Jewellery have expanded rapidly in the past few years - now they carry the biggest stock of pre-set and plain ring mounts in the country. Trade counters in both London's Hatton Garden, Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter and now Antwerp. Sales Agents cover the UK, Ireland and much of Europe.
After the hugely successful launch of their second catalogue a new addition covering hundreds of diamond set and plain earring and neckwear is also available.
Their website automatically links you to their live stock system so that you can reserve stock one day and receive the next, a brilliantly helpful first in our industry!

I am proud to help Greenspark sell more in the South East. They have one of the biggest stock holdings of fine jewellery in the UK. Quality is paramount and because of that I have many returning customers. If you want to add that extra bit of value to your sales then I can help you with Greenspark.

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07500 931051

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