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Six Ways WhatsApp Can Help You Sell

Mobile phone showing WhatsApp Messenger app
WhatsApp is on your phone - use it to get sales!


#1 - It's quick!

WhatsApp is so quick and easy to use. You can type out a message, leave a voice note, or send an image. Quick, easy, productive. Also the little blue ticks tell you that the recipient has read your message - and you even get notified when they are replying. How cool is that!

#2. Everything is in one place.

Ever had trouble searching through emails? Every lost the train of thought when you can't tie all the different emails together? With WhatsApp everything is there, easily under the one persons number.

#3. It's personal business.

Usually you will be using WhatsApp from mobile phone to mobile phone. So you will already have the personal mobile number of the person you are dealing with, trust is already there. People are more likely to respond to a WhatsApp message to their phone than they are to an email.

4. It's GREAT for quoting for new business

The BIGGEST use of WhatsApp by my customers is getting me to quote for new business. Maybe the product they want they can't find on the website or catalogue. Usually they are after something unique: simple, send an image to me via WhatsApp (the quality is brilliant), I use that to see if I can help them from a stock line or if not one quick message forwarded to the appropriate office with details of my customers requirements and job done! Office comes back with a quote, customer then asks for a CAD drawing to confirm. CAD is produced, sent back to the customer via WhatsApp, they like what they see and Hey Presto - another sale!

Man in suit in an office making a phone call
You don't need to be there in person to win business


#5. Business is done remotely - you don't need to be in front of your customer

This is of course a big point right now - even though most of the restrictions put in because of Covid have been lifted, I am still doing a huge amount of business via WhatsApp. I expect this to increase not decrease in the months ahead. You just have to make it as easy for them to conduct business as possible. I'm now regularly visiting customers face to face and showing them how to use WhatsApp to increase the speed of the decision process and many more are now coming on board. By the way, I'd like to say that this is NOT a paid partnership with WhatsApp! I just love the extra business I'm getting this way!


Suited man holding ups a satisfied customer message
A happy customer is the best customer to have!

#6. Customer's love it!

Seriously, my customers who deal with me via WhatsApp absolutely love the convenience, speed, traceability and accuracy of it. I would say 90% of quotes for bespoke work I get are carried out via WhatsApp rather than by email or phone call. Even adding notes below images and previous quotes is really easy. Even during these difficult times, time is money and when you can conduct business this easily, why miss out?


I hope you have enjoyed this short insight into why I use WhatsApp so regularly and successfully.

If you think I may be able to help you with your business, either if you are in retail sales or in field sales, please get in touch. I'd love to be able to use my experience to help you.

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