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Sales Reps: Why you should always make the last call!

You've had a good day, relax, there's no need to make that one last cold call is there?

Or you've had a bad day, you are in a bad mood - why not cut your losses and go home early?

Happy salesman and happy customer
Another sale! Time to go home?

Well, with both the scenarios above I'd strongly say DON'T go home...just yet!

You really don't know what that last call will produce for you - at best a SALE (we all want those), at worst you may receive a definite NO to you and your products but at least you now know. Probably the result will be somewhere in the middle and you will have started a relationship with a prospect which in time will turn into a nice regular customer for you.

For me it has happened on a number of occasions - the day has been better than expected, the sun is shining and you think of all the things you could do if you got home a bit earlier than planned...but WAIT! I've gone on to see the last client/prospect and I can honestly say in the vast majority of times the results are far better than I envisaged.

Once I was thinking twice about visiting a shop, someone I knew but the products he sold were not really what I had to offer, but I made the call anyway - unbeknown to me he was planning to move into selling products just like mine! I called at exactly the right time and got a substantial order on the spot!

The facts are you never know what your customer/potential client is thinking - until you bother to find out!

But you may say, what if I am not in the mood, I've had a terrible day, and I just need to start again tomorrow?

Again, I've been there believe me! I find the best thing to do is think of the effort you have already made to visit a particular area/town - why waste that by going home early? What's the very worst that could happen? The customer may say 'no thank you'. Not really life or death is it?

Even if they say no to you this time, you've opened up communication and their views and needs may well change over time and you will be ready to satisfy their needs.

So keep trying, keep smiling and keep selling!

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