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How Nail Clippers Can INCREASE Your Sales!


To increase sales you need to prepare more, get to know your customers and potential customer better, sign up for sales courses, learn from mentors and plan, plan plan!

All the above are essential and I've provided some links at the end of this blog to help you.

However sometimes we learn valuable lessons from unlikely events - I know I certainly do.

Many years ago I was with a client straight after checking my tyre pressures on a filthy winter's day. The client looked down at my hands and said 'how on earth can I buy from you whilst your nails are so dirty?' He was right - there I was handling expensive jewellery which I wanted him to purchase and the one thing that stood out was not the brilliance of the diamonds, nor the lustre of the gold or the exquisite craftsmanship. Unfortunately the only thing that stood out were my dirty nails.

I was mortified - I looked down and my nails were black. They were disgusting and if I were the customer I would've been put off too.

Pair of clean hands with clean nails
That's better!


I made sure after that embarrassing episode that I always had a pair of nail clippers and nail file in my car - I wasn't going to make that mistake again!

Saying that carrying around a pair of nail clippers will increase your sales is a flippant comment but it is based on this truth: as a sales person do not let anything distract from your message and that includes dirty nails! You would be surprised how many sales people forget this most basic of rules.

I encourage all sales people to continue to learn - sales is a profession in that you never 'graduate', you are always learning which I find both exciting and humbling.

So put your money into good sales training courses, sign up to learn from the professionals, read good sales books - all of these will help you sell more - and don't forget to apply the basic principles of being neat, clean and presentable.


Watch out for more blogs from me. I hope you have enjoyed this semi light-hearted one.

If you think my experience can help you or you have a problem you would welcome help in overcoming please get in touch. Click here to email me.

The nail file pictured above is available to buy at

A great person to follow and learn sales tips from is Mark Hunter, his website is thesaleshunter.

For amazing clear, concise help on marketing and sales I recommend Donald Miller and his company storybrand.

In addition to my consultancy side I am an independent sales agent selling for two of the most respected, customer focussed companies in the jewellery trade.

Check them out here: and or for an appointment for me to discuss how they and myself can #helpyousell please get in touch.

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